Student Artwork

Over the years, Megan Coyle’s artwork has been taught in classrooms around the world. If you are a student who has made your own Coyle-inspired art, or a teacher who has taught a unit on Coyle’s collages, feel free to share the student work with Megan.

Here are examples of Coyle-inspired collages that students have previously made:

A class of six graders from Canada studied endangered animals, selected an animal to write a story about, and then
The other week, Miss Smeaden from Cornwall, UK emailed me pictures of her students' artwork. She teaches a Year 5
Erica's Grade 3 class from Japan made their own animal collages after using one of my online collage lesson plans. It was
Marcie, a teacher from Barbe High in Lake Charles, Louisiana, recently contacted me about her class that completed a collage project.
Last week I received an email from a teacher, Amanda, from Lancashire, England. She sent me images of collages her
This week I heard from Elizabeth Crites, a teacher from Ohio. She contacted me to see if she could send
Student art inspired by collage artist Megan Coyle
Earlier today I heard from Becky, a teacher at a school in Caracas, Venezuela, who sent me images of her
On Twitter I found out about a class from Germantown Academy in Washington, Pennsylvania who studied Romare Bearden's artwork as
Today I received an email from a teacher at the British School Caracas in Venezuela. Her class of 7 year
Every year around this time of year, I start to hear from students from a class in Venezuela. A teacher
A few months ago I received emails from several students who attend the British School in Caracas, Venezuela. The students
During the past couple of months, I've received emails from a number of students from the British School Caracas in
The other day I heard from a teacher in Caracas, Venezuela, whose grade 6 class was studying my work and
The other day I heard from a teacher from the Year 5 Rowan Class at Beecroft Garden Primary school in
Earlier this week I received an email from a teacher, Helen, from New Zealand. She told me that her students
Kristin's students from Columbia Academy in Columbia, Maryland made their own collages after studying my work. The students are 7th
Kim's 8th grade class from Durham, New Hampshire, recently created their own collages. It was great getting to see what they
Jennifer, a teacher from London, England, sent along images of her students' artwork. The students are Year 1 at a
This morning I received an email from Ann, an art teacher from Mississippi. She sent me these photos of her
Earlier this month, I heard from a teacher, Annette, from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, whose students took inspiration from my art
I recently heard from a teacher from Port Aransas, Texas who used my artwork as inspiration for a student art
The other day I heard from Mrs. Crooks who shared her student art from Class 1 at the Ysgol Gellifor
A couple of weeks ago I received a sweet email from a teacher, Karen, who lives in England. She told me that she
A few weeks ago I received an email from a high school teacher, Monica, from New York City. She told
The other day I received images of student collage work from a teacher, Andrea, who teaches at a high school
Lauren, a teacher at a high school in Pennsylvania, shared some of her students' work with me. Her 9th grade
A class of K-8 students from the St. Cyril School in Tucson, Arizona studied my collage art and made their
Last month I heard from Lisa, a teacher from Wolsingham, England, who sent me images of her class's artwork. Her
Wildlife student collage inspired by Megan Coyle
This week I heard from James, a teacher at Newick Primary School in East Sussex, England. His Year 3 class
Year 3, from Collingtree CEVA Primary School in England, tweeted to me the other day with an image of one
A couple months ago I received an email from Eric, an artist and art educator in NYC. He had a