Privacy Policy

Information Collected and How it’s Used

Megan Coyle’s site includes a contact form for general contact and commission work. Any personal information received through this form is only used for processing online registrations and orders. You will be added to the mailing list and/e-newsletter only by checking the mailing list radio button on the contact form.

The following information is collected through Megan Coyle’s site forms:

  • First name and last name – this is used in order to properly address the users that have contacted Megan.
  • Email address – this is necessary to have in order to send monthly e-newsletters to visitors that have opted into Megan’s mailing list.
  • Mailing address – this is collected from the mailing list form and used for sending exhibition postcards or collage cards by snail mail.
  • Messages – these are collected and read by Megan so she can respond to queries from visitors.

Information Security and Online Stores

This information is never sold, rented, or shared with any external or third party. When purchasing merchandise through the store, your information is sent to individual companies that are responsible for creating and delivering the products you’ve ordered. Imagekind is in charge of the prints offered on this site, Amazon is responsible for book sales, and Redbubble is responsible for printing images of Megan’s artwork on different products. If there’s an issue with an order that was submitted through Redbubble, Amazon, or Imagekind, contact the specific company you ordered merchandise from. Megan isn’t involved with shipment from Imagekind, Amazon, or Redbubble.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy will change from time to time, however most changes will be minor.