Scape Collages from Frederick, Maryland

Student Collages inspired by Megan Coyle

The other day I received images of student collage work from a teacher, Andrea, who teaches at a high school in Frederick, Maryland.

Student Collage inspired by Megan Coyle

Andrea’s students learned about my work and then created their own landscape/cityscape collages while using my “painting with paper” technique.

Student Collages inspired by Megan Coyle

As always, I really enjoyed seeing what the students came up with on their own – and how they mixed textures with solid colors.


This is still one of my favorite parts of being an artist – being able to inspire others to make art. I hope the students enjoyed tackling collage, and it was truly wonderful seeing their creations.

Student Collages inspired by Megan Coyle


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  1. Thanks for sharing their work! We had a great time learning about your process and I enjoyed watching them create their own versions. You definitely inspired us!

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