Bosty goes to New Orleans


It’s been a while since Bosty’s last trip, so he decided to head south before it gets too hot. Bosty isn’t a fan of hot, humid summers.

The first thing he did when he arrived, was visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Actually, he really wanted to go restaurant hopping to eat lots of southern dishes – but I told him we had to make a few museum stops first.


So up next we visited by the National WWII Museum to get a history lesson.


Then we walked around before grabbing a bite to eat. We admired all the murals on different buildings.


Bosty really liked the banners on all the lamp posts. Especially the ones that told bikers to watch out for open car doors. He really appreciates safety signage.


Finally we made it to a restaurant in the Garden District for dinner. Bosty decided to have chicken. I was surprised he didn’t order gumbo or a po’ boy.


After dinner we wandered down a few streets in the Garden District and admired the brightly colored homes with high windows and large front porches. All-in-all, Bosty was very satisfied with yet another day out and about in a different city.

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