Flowers in Art: Contemporary International Artists

Flowers in ArtI recently received some info on one of the upcoming books that will feature images of my artwork – Flowers in Art: Contemporary International Artists by Cindy Ann Coldiron. I’m excited to see the final product once it’s released in January 2013. Above is the cover art for the book, which looks pretty fantastic (not sure who the cover artists are just yet). Below is some additional info.

Book Description
Observe a quiet explosion of beautiful, humorous, and contemplative colorful images of two- and three-dimensional floral-themed artwork. Stunning pieces from more than fifty artists and designers, both well known, established, and emerging, from Ireland to Hungary, Finland, and Canada, and from coast to coast in the United States. This vibrant overview of the floral world includes photography, watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings, botanical drawings, pop art, glass, wood, ceramic, collage, Ikebana design, cutting-edge fractal art, and much more. Perfect for flower and art lovers, interior designers, museums, galleries, art collectors, art educators, artists, and for individuals needing inspiration from splashes of color.

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