Q & A: Outside of Collage

Blue Collages by collage artist Megan Coyle

What’s your favorite color?

Blue. You can probably tell when you take a look at my artwork. Blue shows up again and again. Often times, if I’m working on a portrait and I’m not sure what color to use for a person’s shirt, I’ll just default to blue. I’ve also created a series of animal collages where I used an arbitrary color scheme – making the animals blue.

What other media do you like to use besides collage?

Collage is by far my favorite, although I’m interested in dabbling in film and animation. In the future, I may take some classes so I can get a better idea of the technical skills I’ll need in both areas.

Paintings by Megan Coyle

I used to enjoy painting, but over time I drifted away from it. Below are a few of the paintings I did while in high school and college.

Do you do anything else for a living besides being an artist?

Yes – I work on the websites for a couple of nonprofits. After graduating from college in 2008, and in the midst of the recession, I realized I needed to teach myself a few skills that I didn’t gain from studying creative writing and painting in school. So I read several tutorials, watched how-to videos online, and taught myself the necessary software and coding for putting together websites.

The design and problem-solving aspects of working on websites is why I like it so much. And the skills I’ve taught myself for non-studio-art-related-work have really helped me when it comes to promoting my art. Thanks to my studies, I was able to design the logo and layout for my website, and also be my own webmaster.

What are your hobbies?

Daydreaming and storytelling. Reading and learning about technology. Exploring new cities. Learning new things. Being an avid watcher of Netflix Instant Watch Movies. Living the creative life.

What do you think is the most inspiring place to visit?

Anywhere, really. If I’m in the mood or if I’m visiting someplace new for the first time, it’s amazing how inspired you can get just by looking at the scenery with a fresh pair of eyes.

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  1. Oooh, Megan! Great interview. I’d never seen your paintings before, and they’re wonderful! And I am sooooooo impressed that you taught yourself web design and techie stuff. Talented AND smart. I love Netflix Instant Queue too!

    So great to catch up with you!

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