Ryan and His Sweetheart

Ryan and His Sweetheart
“Ryan and His Sweetheart” Collage on mat board. 5″x7″

I like the story behind this collage: Recently the guy who owns the domain megancoyle.com contacted me. I wanted that domain when I first put my website together, but had to settle with megancoyle.com since another Megan Coyle had a site up and running on megancoyle.com. So the owner contacted me, telling me that his client, another Megan, no longer used her website. Thus the web address wasn’t being used and was pointing to an error page, although the owner was still paying money for the domain. So he offered to do a trade – he’d transfer the domain to my account if I made a collage for him.

Above is the collage that I made for him. The challenge with this piece was that it was one of my smaller sized collages, and I wasn’t doing a portrait of one, but two people. I had to cut the magazine strips pretty small, but I’m pleased that it came together in the end.

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  1. YAY for the domain name! And whoaaa for the collage! I can see how the detail around the eyes and mouth would require teeeeeeny tiiiiiiny pieces. Well, it looks incredible and beautiful. I certainly think he got the better end of the trade!

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