Stroll in the Park

Stroll in the Park by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Stroll in the Park” Collage on paper. 24″x18″
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I’m excited to say that I’ve finished my series of collages for my show in May. I have yet to post all of them, thus I’ll go ahead and do that within the next couple of weeks. The past few days I’ve spent a lot of time editing this series as well as touching up frames. Now I just need to do a couple more figurative pieces for my show in July, and then I can take a breather on all these people collages. As much as I like collaging people, I’m getting a bit burnt out from the subject matter. Thus I’m moving on to animals next.

Anyway, I’m off to do some late night sketching. I had an interesting day – spent a good chunk of time trying to get my internet working again (it was down practically the entire day). I always forget how much I rely on the internet until it’s not working like it should. But isn’t that the truth with so many things?

5 Replies to “Stroll in the Park”

  1. I get withdrawal symptoms when I am travelling because my mobile internet doesn’t get good reception out in the country.

    I like the background in this one .. it doesn’t steal the scene or anything but I think gives depth and interest to the whole.

  2. Megan, it is ALWAYS such a treat when you visit..thank you. I always come away from viewing your work with a feeling of awe. Your work is completely top-notch.

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