Animal Collages from Lancashire, England

Last week I received an email from a teacher, Amanda, from Lancashire, England. She sent me images of collages her students were working on. The 7 and 8 year olds worked in pairs using my “painting with paper” technique to create collages based on animal illustrations from the covers of books written by Michael Morpurgo. Morpurgo is an English author, poet, and playwright that the students were also studying in school.

Below you will find the students’ collage work on the left, with the illustration their work was based on below the collage:

Coyle Inspired Artwork

Coyle Inspired Collage

I was very impressed by this group’s work. Especially since the students are so young, and were able to do such a great job of mixing textures with solid colors in their collages. It definitely made my day getting to see their artwork.

British School Caracas, Venezuela

A few months ago I received emails from several students who attend the British School in Caracas, Venezuela. The students were assigned to do a project on my work. This included writing a biography on my life, analyzing three of my collages, and then making three collages – one of which had to be a copy of one of my pieces, while the other two were their own creation that used my collage technique.

In April, several of the students’ collages – that copied my work or were inspired by my technique – were published in The Circle Gazette. The Circle Gazette is a publication that prints stories and artwork by students from around the world. The collages appeared in the center-spread of their April issue, which is pictured above and below.

It was great getting to see what the students did after exchanging emails with several of them about the project.

Here are my original collages alongside the students’ copies:

It was pretty impressive how close the students were able to get to the originals – especially with collage, which is such a hard medium to copy since you can never recreate the exact textures and fragments of photographs used. But I must say, they got pretty close!

All in all, it was fun getting to see their work. One of the things I enjoy most about being an artist is being able to inspire others. And it makes my day every time I hear from students and teachers that are using my collages in their classroom.

“Painting with Paper” Collages from NYC

A couple months ago I received an email from Eric, an artist and art educator in NYC. He had a few questions about my collage technique and told me that he was doing a collage unit around my work and the idea of “painting with paper.”

Yesterday he sent me the activity guide he used as well as several pictures of student collages. It made my day seeing some “painting with paper” work that was done in the classroom. Take a look at some of the student work, it’s very impressive:

Coyle Inspired Collage

Coyle Inspired Collage

Coyle Inspired Collage

The students used Chuck Close’s technique of using a grid to make large drawings. Then they collaged on top of their drawings.

Coyle Inspired Collage

Coyle Inspired Collage

Coyle Inspired Collage

Coyle Inspired Collage

Landscape Collages from NYC

A few weeks ago I received an email from a high school teacher, Monica, from New York City. She told me that her class had just finished a landscape collage unit and that they had focused on Romare Bearden and my work for their artist focus. Her class analyzed my landscape collages to figure out how I created the work so they could learn from it. They also worked on their own collages inspired from their studies.

Below I’ve included images that Monica so kindly sent to me. I always enjoy hearing from teachers who’ve shared my work with their students. It’s great knowing that your work can inspire others.

Coyle inspired collage
Each collage is about 3″x3″