“The Write Art” Series

The Write Art Series by Megan Coyle

If you’re someone who has been following my work for years, you’re probably wondering why you started seeing photographs of handwritten cards popping up on all my social media channels. What gives with these images?

Well, this artist is exploring something from her past. I studied creative writing alongside painting back in college, and I haven’t really done much writing since graduating, although recently I started writing a novel and have completed a handful of poems here and there. And that’s what sparked this series, The Write Art.

I started jotting down random thoughts that popped into my head throughout the day, and thought it would be fun to merge my previous life as a writer with my current work as an artist. The plan is to write down my thoughts on art, life, or something related to my sometimes absurd sense of humor, and then photograph my hand holding a handwritten card up in front of different backgrounds. It’s sort of like producing a collage in a different way, where I’m overlapping a handwritten card in front of different environments.

So far this new series has helped revamp my creativity, and I’m looking forward to continuing to share snippets of my thoughts on art, pop culture, and life in general. I’ve been making “painting with paper” collages since I was about sixteen, and every now and then it’s nice to change things up a bit. This new project is allowing me to do just that.

Here are a few images from this new series:






You can follow the series as I post new images on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Workshop at the Postal Museum

Pretty as a Peacock by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Pretty as a Peacock” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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I’m excited to announce that I will be hosting a workshop at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum on January 14th – Wild for Collage; A night with the National Zoo and Megan Coyle.

The event will begin with a talk on the issue of Wildlife Trafficking by volunteers from the National Zoo. Then I’ll give a presentation on the collage process while running a workshop where attendees can make their own animal collages. I’m very excited that the Smithsonian has given me this opportunity, and I’m looking forward to it. Hope to see you there!

British School Caracas, Venezuela

Every year around this time of year, I start to hear from students from a class in Venezuela. A teacher at the British School Caracas there teaches a unit on my work, and it’s always wonderful to hear from her students. It’s even better when I get a chance to see their painting with paper collages.

Earlier this week I heard from one of the British School Caracas students, Maia Troconis, who sent along a few images of her work. As always, I’m impressed by what the students come up with on their own. It’s always fantastic to see the work of growing artists.

Collage inspired by Megan Coyle
“A Day in Paris, Virginia” by Maia Troconis
Collage inspired by Megan Coyle
“Lucy goes to the Beach” by Maia Troconis
Collage inspired by Megan Coyle
“Shimmers of Gold in my Garden” by Maia Troconis

New Book: Contemporary Wildlife Art

Contemporary Wildlife Art

Contemporary Wildlife Art

I’m excited to announce that a new book is out that features images of my animal collages – Contemporary Wildlife Art by Cindy Ann Coldiron. This is the second book by Cindy Ann Coldiron that features my work, and I’m happy to be part of another curated collection by this local artist.

You can now order the book on Amazon. And you can also check out more art books that feature my collages on the store section of my website.

“Deck the Walls” Fundraiser

City Sunsets by collage artist Megan Coyle
“City Sunsets” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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December 6th, 2014
7:00 – 10:00 pm
Center for the Arts; Manassas, VA

I’m excited to announce that I will be one of the featured artists selling their work at the fundraiser “Deck the Walls” at the Center for the Arts in Manassas, Virginia. I’ll have small original collages, prints, and magnets available for sale.

Time Lapse Video: Flamingo Collage

Here’s the first time lapse video I’ve put together of my collage process. This little 7″x5″ collage took me about an hour and a half to create, but I was able to speed up the process into a 4 minute time lapse video. I’m looking forward to creating a few more of these in the future. And hopefully this gives you a better idea of how I piece together my artwork.

Artwork by the Artist When She Was a Child: Part 2

childhood-art-girl-with-hat childhood-art-face2

About a year ago I posted images of artwork I did as a child. Recently I was sifting through more images of artwork from my childhood that I had on my computer, and I figured I’d share them with everyone. I was amused and impressed with the imagination I had as a kid back in elementary school. These pieces were done when I was between the ages of 5 – 7.

childhood-art-scuba childhood-art-bird-and-fish

The scuba diving piece was done on the back of a menu at a restaurant. It’s of my dad scuba diving – apparently whenever I heard he went on scuba diving trips, I assumed he was lowered into the water in a cage that was always surrounded by sharks. The image on the right shows that I might have began thinking about the story behind Duck & Fish years ago.

childhood-art-cat childhood-art-parents-wedding

The image on the right is supposed to be a picture of my parents getting married. I was amused that I thought my dad wore a top hat when he got married. As a kid, it seemed like most of my drawings of men involved top hats while women always wore pearls and ribbons.

childhood-art-horse childhood-art-my-dog

I went through a horse phase where all I drew were horses, like the one above. I also loved drawing pictures of my childhood dog (on the right).

childhood-art-ninja-turtles-2 childhood-art-ninja-turtles

This one made me smile – illustrations of the Ninja Turtles. Love how happy they all look.


Royalty seemed to be one of my favorite subjects – kings, queens, princesses, and princes. I like how this queen has such a long train.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

British School Caracas, Venezuela

During the past couple of months, I’ve received emails from a number of students from the British School Caracas in Venezuela. The students are working on an art project where they write about my life and also create their own collages. Below are some of the collages the students have made:

Coyle Inspired Collage

Coyle Inspired Collage

Coyle Inspired Collage

Coyle Inspired Collage

It always brightens my day to see collage work by students from around the world.