The Happy Panda

“The Happy Panda.” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a panda portrait, so I decided to tackle this collage while running my live streaming sessions. With this particular piece, I wanted to play around with using warm and cool colors for the shadows. I think generally I would have approached this collage by using different shades of gray for the shadowing, so it was fun to change things up a bit with this one.

Since this piece is only 5″x7″, it was especially challenging when it came to working on the detailing of the panda’s face. The eyes, nose, and mouth, all required cutting out very tiny magazine cutouts. Overall, this collage was a bit of a challenge to work on, most likely because the sketch was a little rough and thus I didn’t plan out the overall composition very well. However, eventually I got to a place where I could call the collage finished. It’s nice to work on a composition where it is a bit of a struggle, since it helps me appreciate it more when a collage flows together easily.

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  1. I love your work and I would like to use your collages for inspiration in my next unit of work for art lessons. I teach 7-8 year old children who I am sure will really like this. We will begin by viewing and talking about your art, sketching animals then work with paint to colour match before moving on to collage work. Can you tell me of any artists who have inspired you? I want our children to know that artists also learn from others and the environment around them. Thank you.
    Cheryl Haigh

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