Why Do Artists Create Art?

The Daydreaming Fish by collage artist Megan Coyle

Artists have been making artwork for centuries. For those non-artists out there, you’re probably wondering what is it that makes artists want to make art? Where does that drive come from? I like to think that it comes from the following:

1. Inherent Love

Artists have this deep-rooted love for making art. They enjoy what they do, and they can’t live without it. Just as anyone who has a career or hobby they love, artists love what they do and have this drive to pursue it.

2. Form of Expressing One’s Self

Art allows artists to express their thoughts and views. It also allows them to explore different emotions.

3. Imagination

When artists make art, they can tap into their imagination. They aren’t limited by the real world, and can explore worlds that they imagine.

4. Way to Communicate with Others

Sometimes artists can use art to communicate thoughts and ideas that they are unable to communicate with words. It also allows them to communicate different views to others.

Artists are drawn to the art-making process for a variety of reasons. It allows them to be creators who use the valuable tool of expression.

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