Bosty goes to Boston


Bosty finally got to go to Boston this weekend. Being a Boston Terrier and all, he’s always wanted to visit Beantown. His first stop was the Public Garden.


It was a perfect day to stroll in the park.


How about a ride on one of the swan paddle boats? Bosty thought that sounded like a good idea.


He even met a feathered friend by the water. “Hey Mrs. Duck!”


After a while we took a break in the shade under a nearby tree. Bosty liked staring out at the water and counting the ducks.


He started to get hungry so we stopped by the Butcher Shop for lunch. Bosty is quite the foodie and enjoyed having some charcuterie with fresh bread.


He also loved the tomato soup he ordered. He said it almost looked too pretty to eat. But then he did eat it.


Then he completed his meal with a nice, big burger. Yum.


But then he also ordered a latte to help him wake-up for some more Boston-city-touring.


Next we headed over to see Frank Gehry’s Ray and Maria Stata Center. Bosty sure loves great architecture.


He liked Gehry’s building so much that he got closer to it for a better look.


He also liked all the murals he found when wandering down the neighborhood streets.


And he decided his day wouldn’t be complete until he popped into Newbury Comics to browse and maybe do some shopping. Bosty is a pretty big fan of comics and superheroes.


Bosty started having another food craving – although this time he wanted some late afternoon sweets. So we stopped by Puritan and Company so he could get a sugar fix – a nicely presented sugar fix.


Then off to stroll around the streets during a beautiful, sunny Boston day.

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  1. What a great adventure……..I liked the Gehry buildings and the wall, the food seems delicious 😉 and the water is peaceful and so calming !!! wish i was there 😉

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