Papirmasse: The September Issue

Megan Coyle art in PapirmasseHere’s the image that Papirmasse put together to advertise all their artists in the September issue – can you tell which one is mine? You can take a look at all the art and writing in more detail on their website.

At the moment, I’m still working away on some commissioned portraits. The dog portrait has been a lot of fun – it’s an image of two Boston Terriers (I hope Bosty doesn’t get too jealous). The reference photos the client sent me are just fantastic – these dogs are so expressive! Can’t wait to share the progress pictures!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

6 Replies to “Papirmasse: The September Issue”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! How cool is THIS?!

    I love this, Megan. I am so glad people are noticing your incredible, fascinating artwork.

    (grin) Thanks for dropping by for FATuesday. Your comments always encourage my heart, you know.


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