Koala Bear

Koala Bear by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Koala Bear.”
Collage on paper. 16″x12″
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This piece was inspired by a visit to the Natural History Museum (NHM) in Washington, DC. When I can’t get great pictures of the animals in real life, I check out the large collection of creatures exhibited at the NHM. It’s the next best thing.

I remember when I was working on this piece in the open studio at the Torpedo Factory, a visitor came up to me to chat while I worked. She was seeing the piece from upside-down, and asked me if I was working on a helicopter. That made me chuckle a bit.

6 Replies to “Koala Bear”

  1. Hehehehehe, Helicopter? Seriously? Aww, he’s just AWESOME! He’s got some beautiful depth to his shading, and I love the bamboo.

    Oh, Megan! Your landscapes and cityscapes are magnificent! Look at all those colors in the water. And the townhouses are fantastic! I love them.

    I’ve missed your work! You have had a very productive summer!

  2. I hope that isn’t bamboo … they only eat eucalyptus leaves and then only very specific varieties … very fussy chaps they are. Thats why they are so sleepy, how much energy would you get from munching the same leaves and nothing else all day every day .. they don’t even drink water (too much effort to go down the tree and find it I guess). They make do with what they get out off the leaves.

    I am chuffed that you have done an Aussie animal.

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