Ragamuffin by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Ragamuffin.” Collage on mat board. 5″x7″
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Another addition to my cat series. This one looks a little silly – but I had fun putting the piece together nevertheless. I really enjoy making animal collages – there are so many animals that look like such characters.

My weekend has gone by quickly and it’s been quite a productive one. I’m just about finished with a commissioned portrait and I also had a chance to deliver a piece that sold the other day. And now I’m about to head off to work on making several new magnets to add to my Etsy shop. Hope everyone else is having a marvelous weekend!

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  1. Hello Megan!! Oh please do forgive me not coming by sooner. I have been up to my neck in work. I had to come over and visit you and tell you thanks so much for your visit and your encouraging comment he he he h! I just adore the your Collage Scrapes and the beautiful cat! WOW you have been busy as well which is fabulous and wonderful! I wish you all the best for your exhibit. I know that you are going to blow them all away. Take care.

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