Running Water

This is a mixed media collage that I made back in high school, “Running Water.” I remember that I made this around the same time I started exploring the collage medium, and quickly grew to love it. This piece is a little more like a traditional collage since you can see┬ádistinct fragments that I cut from different magazine images. I also used acrylic paint and oil pastel along with the magazine clippings.

Hippo’s Day Out

Hippo's Day Out by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Hippo’s Day Out.” Collage on paper. 18″x24″
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This piece was inspired by Happy the Hippo who used to live at the National Zoo. Aside from the meerkats, Happy was one of my favorite animals to visit there. Unfortunately they moved him to Milwaukee Zoo in 2009, although he must be happier there since he’s around other hippos. Anyway, the above collage is inspired by the many times I stopped by the zoo and Happy was outside in his pool. He’d hold his breath underwater for several minutes, as impatient tourists would stand by with cameras ready when he’d resurface. Whenever he did resurface, it was only for a few seconds before plunging back down into the water.

I’m currently working away on several new animal collages. And I’ve also started thinking about taking a break from exhibiting my work in galleries. I’d kinda like to focus on other projects instead of taking on the workload of promoting exhibits…we shall see what I end up doing…