Phyllis Vance

Phyllis Vance is a collage made entirely from magazine cutouts by Megan Coyle
“Phyllis Vance,” Collage on paper, 7″x5″
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“Phyllis Vance” (Phyllis Smith) is the eleventh portrait in my series inspired by The Office. Some of my portraits have been a bit of a struggle to complete, but this portrait of Phyllis flowed together. I always enjoy when my process is smooth, although there’s no telling if one portrait will be easier or more difficult to tackle than the next. I think part of the reason behind these inconsistencies is the inconsistencies with my practice – I’m not always able to practice my art that often during the week, and as a result, I can get a bit rusty.

This year was a year devoted to running, although I still managed to complete at least one new collage each month. Next year I’m planning to focus a lot more energy on my creative work, so you will most likely see more new artwork in the new year.