Test Animation of Birdy

Background by collage artist Megan Coyle

Here’s the latest progress on the Birdy animation – a collaboration I’m working on with my brother Brendan Coyle. This video is just a test animation for the project.

And to break down some of the textured components used for this piece, here are the collages I created:

I made a couple collages for possible backgrounds – this is the one we went with.

Here’s the bark collage texture used for the tree.


My brother took these collages and either wrapped them around 3d models or put them on different planes.

I’m thinking I’ll create another birdy for this guy to interact with and then we can create more of a scene. We shall see…

In other news, I was the Artist of the Week on E-junkie. You can read my interview with them on their website.

Leaves by collage artist Megan Coyle

3d Collage Character Study: Birdy in a Tree

Birdy animation by Megan Coyle

A few days ago I mentioned that my brother (an animator in NYC) and I worked on a 3d collage character study (Birdy). Recently I collaged a background for Birdy, and worked on some bark texture and a few collaged leaves. Above you can see what Birdy looks like in his new environment.

Birdy animation by Megan Coyle

Above is another image of Birdy, although this time a filter has been applied to the image.Now all we need to do is animate the little guy and have him say a few lines.

Birdy Animation

Birdy by Brendan and Megan Coyle

About a year ago my brother (an animator in NYC) and I got started on a collaborative project. We put together a 3d character study of a bird. Now we’ve decided to revisit the birdy character and give him an environment. We might even animate him and have him say a few lines. Anyway, above is an image that my brother created to help plan out the birdy’s environment. Now the ball is in my court and I need to come up with collaged texture for the tree branch, leaves, and create a collage landscape scene that we’ll add into the background.

Character Study

This is a collaboration I worked on with my brother. I did the concept drawing, he took the sketch and modeled/uv unwrapped it, I collaged the uv flats, and he put it together for the final look. I think the next step is that we’ll start working on a background for this little guy.

Birdy by collage artist Megan Coyle

Here’s the concept sketch I did

Birdy model by Brendan Coyle

And my brother’s interpretation of the sketch with a 3d model. Next I collaged the uv flats which he took and was able to use to put together the clip that you saw at the top.

Once I get a spare moment, I’d like to work on my own 2d animation piece. Also, that children’s book has been in my backlog of things “to do” for quite a while now. Hopefully I can get started on that as well in the near future.