The Coffee Drinkers

The Coffee Drinkers by collage artist Megan Coyle
“The Coffee Drinkers.” Collage on paper. 9″x12″
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I met with the editor and publisher of the Alexandria Times the other day to talk about the artwork they publish for the newspaper. He gave me a list of themes and ideas for a few papers that will be published in the future. I’ve begun working on a series of collages around the city for their newcomers guide to Alexandria. I’ve decided to make a bunch of mini collages for this project so that the editor can choose his favorites from the group, and then those can be collaged together using Photoshop. Here’s the first one I completed today.

Orange Plains Collage

Orange Plains by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Orange Plains.” Collage on paper. 9″x12″
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I finished this a couple of days ago but didn’t have a chance to take pictures of it until today. This is my first attempt at doing a landscape collage. I think I’ll work on a few more landscape collages–I like the idea of broadening my range of subject matter.