Dolphin by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Dolphin.” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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This was another composition suggested by one of my followers during a live session on TikTok. I’ve never done a dolphin collage, so I enjoyed tackling this for the first time. I struggled with this one for a bit, and I don’t think I’m entirely convinced that this is finished, but for now it is. Sometimes you need to set your work aside and tell yourself it’s finished, so you don’t overwork it. We’ll see if I revisit this one again in the future 🙃

You’re a Breath of Fresh Air

You're a Breath of Fresh Air by collage artist Megan Coyle
You're a Breath of Fresh Air by collage artist Megan Coyle
“You’re a Breath of Fresh Air.” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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This is part of my new anatomy series. Previously I made a heart and brain collage, and this was another fun challenge. I like how abstract and interesting different organs are, and I enjoyed figuring out the composition for this one. I also like coming up with interesting titles (like figures of speech and puns) that go along with these pieces, instead of titling them they are and leaving it at that.

Lately I’ve been feeling really inspired. It’s amazing how one month you can feel so uninspired and then the next you can’t seem to have enough time in the day to make all the things you want to make. Even though I have a really small following on TikTok, the community there has helped motivate me to constantly work on new projects every week. I’ve been enjoying going live and streaming my process as well.


Cherries by collage artist Megan Coyle
Cherries by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Cherries.” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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Earlier this month I made a “Citrus” collage, which made me realize I should tackle more interesting still life compositions. Completing that piece inspired me to work on this “Cherries” collage. I enjoyed the challenge of working with variations of red within the entire composition. I also worked on this piece while live streaming my process on TikTok, and I had a blast answering questions while working on various stages of the collage.

Lately my color palette has been really bright, and I’m enjoying how my live streaming sessions have inspired me to make so much new artwork this month. “Cherries” is my eighth piece completed so far in 2021.


Dino-Mite by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Dino-Mite.” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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This collage was another request from one of my art followers. This was my first time making a dinosaur collage, and I think it looks a bit rough, which means my next one can only get better. I like sharing a lot of my art, even the pieces I’m not really proud of. I like to share how not every work of art that an artist creates looks completely polished or perfect in their eye. I also like how sometimes some of my work that I’m not terribly excited about is actually work that other people love. You never know, we all have so many different preferences.

Hummingbird in the Woods

Hummingbird in the Woods by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Hummingbird in the Woods.” Collage on paper. 5″x7″
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One of my art followers suggest I make a hummingbird collage. I made one last year that sold pretty quickly, so I figured I’d make another one this year. For this one, I focused on using fragments of trees from a few images so that the background would have a more uniform look. I enjoyed mixing a little texture for the hummingbird and decided to outline the bird to make it more visible since the background is more complex than what I typically do.

You Took My Heart

You Took My Heart is a collage made entirely from magazine cutouts by Megan Coyle
“You Took My Heart,” Collage on paper, 7″x5″
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This piece is part of a new anatomy series that I’m working on, and lately I’ve been striving to tackle subject matter that I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve never really worked on anatomy pieces before, and I’m really enjoying this whole process. Actually, this entire month I’ve made more art than I’ve made in quite a while, and this piece is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve made in a while. That just goes to show that challenging yourself can lead to pleasant surprises.


Citrus by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Citrus,” Collage on paper, 5″x7″
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Still life is a subject that I generally avoid. Previously I’ve felt uninspired by most compositions I’ve come up with, although with this piece, I had a lot of fun with it. I think I need to continue to challenge myself with still life. After all, I just might find another composition that excites me.

You’ve Got Brains

You've Got Brains by collage artist Megan Coyle
“You’ve Got Brains,” Collage on paper, 5″x7″
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This piece was inspired by some tragedy that my family was faced with in the beginning of last year – my father passed away from glioblastoma (GBM) which is a rare and very aggressive brain cancer. Most patients diagnosed with it don’t live longer than twelve to eighteen months.

I made this to help communicate GBM awareness and I wanted to call attention to this organ that we don’t really spend much time thinking about on a daily basis. It does its job and we go about our lives, occasionally thinking about its existence. And here’s a reminder to take good care of your brain. It’s doing so much for you that you don’t really realize until something goes wrong. So here’s to celebrating our brains!

Orange Conure

Orange Conure by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Orange Conure,” Collage on paper, 7″x5″
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This was my first time tackling a conure collage (although I shared the second one I completed first). This was yet another piece I worked on while live streaming, and it was a challenge to juggle working on the piece while answering questions about my work. This took a tad longer than I expected since I kept reworking sections of the conure’s body. I wanted to get a good balance of solid colors and textures.

This piece was also the first of two conure collages that I completed this month.

Conor the Green Conure

Conor the Green Conure by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Conor the Green Conure,” Collage on paper, 7″x5″
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I couldn’t help myself with giving this piece an amusing name. This was yet another collage that I made while live streaming my process. This one was a bit easier to put together than the first conure collage that I made, and I enjoyed mixing in quite a few textures. This piece has fragments of pictures of grass as well as green tinted photographs from ads and some other interesting green patterns I pulled from magazine ads.