Q & A: What Motivates You?

The City by Day by Megan Coyle

People who know me often comment on my work ethic. How do I manage to work on my artwork just about every day of the week, have a web-related day job, and have time for hobbies and, well, everything else? First and foremost I’d have to say that my love for the arts is what drives me. I also have a strong interest in learning new things and I’m constantly working on different ways of improving my work and myself. This passion for the arts is why I work so hard and why not getting very much sleep every night doesn’t really bother me. I’ve figured why not work really hard and do as much as I can while I’m young. I also have this mentality that I can’t wait for opportunities to magically appear for me – I need to put in the work to make them happen.

Toucan by collage artist Megan Coyle

Lastly, I must admit that the negativity that I’ve encountered in my life motivates me to prove those negative forces wrong. Rejection comes with the territory with being an artist, as well as hearing negative views from others about the arts. Instead of giving up when I hit a negative wall, I get momentarily irritated before getting over the irritation and moving on to work harder. And at the moment this has worked for me. I manage to turn these negative experiences into something positive for my art career.

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  1. Megan–my dear girl. YOU are inspiring. Indeed, that last paragraph touched me deeply and brought tears to my eyes.

    ((hugs)) Have a wonderful day, my wonderful talented inspiring Friend.

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