Art Made from Recycled Materials

Megan Coyle is an artist and illustrator who resides in Brooklyn. She takes common, everyday magazines and turns them into works of art.

Coyle has exhibited her artwork at the Ward Museum, i.d.e.a. Museum, Smithsonian Ripley Center, Art League Gallery, Krempp Gallery, and other galleries around the country. She has been internationally published in publications that include the Washington Post, Somerset Studio, and Papirmasse. Coyle is also the author and illustrator of the children’s book Duck & Fish.

In the Studio with Megan Coyle

A collage of what's popping when it's summer. It's another addition to my dessert series, and even though it's not
Some desserts are a little more intimidating to collage than others. I decided to tackle a pie, and was afraid
There's just something sweet about making artwork that has sprinkles. I had fun coming up with the title for this

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Resources for Artists & Creatives

Trying to find time to make artwork can be an intimidating task at hand. If you're like me and have
Inspiration can take work, just like being an artist takes work. As an artist, you need to consistently schedule the
As a creative, it's easy for my confidence and self-esteem to take a hit from time to time. I am

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Interviews & Talks with Megan Coyle

It's usually nice to have something playing in the background when you're in the studio. I like to I listen
I’ve gotten this question a few times over the past few months, so I thought I’d go ahead and share
Below is a Q & A made up from FAQ’s I’ve received via email or in-person: How long have you

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The Adventures of Bosty

Bosty decided to take a break from the DC winter by heading off to Los Angeles, California. His first stop?
Bosty decided to visit New York City again to get a better look at all the city lights. He also
Bosty decided to escape the cold, spring weather in DC and head off to Charlotte, North Carolina. He caught some rays

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