“Coney Island” Collage Questions

Coney Island by collage artist Megan Coyle
Megan Coyle. Coney Island.

Artists tell stories with color and imagery. They’ll often create images of what life was like during their lifetime. Collage artist Megan Coyle creates images of scenes that are familiar to her today. Years from now, others will be able to see what life was like during Coyle’s lifetime.

Find out more about Megan Coyle and how she became an artist.

Coyle created this collage after one of her trips to New York City. She took a series of photographs while walking around Coney Island. The “Coney Island” collage was inspired by her photographs.

Study the Collage

Try to answer the questions below as you study Coyle’s “Coney Island” collage. Click on one of the questions to find the answer. Each answer tells you a little more about collage’s story.

Now think of the places where you have been. What does this collage remind you of? Does it remind you of a specific memory?

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Are they happy or sad?

We cannot tell if the person in the background is happy or sad since we can only see the back of his or her head. The two girls are far away from us so it is difficult to tell if they are happy or sad. Take a close look at the blonde above. It looks like her mouth is curved into a small smile, so it looks like she is happy. We are unable to see the face of the brown haired girl.