Abstract: artwork that focuses on shapes and color. Abstract art does not include images of people or settings.

Assemble: to put together

Brushstrokes: the markings made by using a paintbrush and paint

Collage: art made from different materials like paper and fabric

Coney Island: a peninsula in New York City

Imagery: use of expressive images in art

Mainland: a main part of a body of land. Usually used to refer to the body of land near an offshore island or peninsula.

Painting: a type of artwork made with paint

Painting with paper: Megan Coyle’s collage technique where she cuts magazine strips and glues them down in such a way that they look like the brushstrokes in a painting

Peninsula: a piece of land surrounded by water and connected to the mainland by a small strip of land

Technique: the way an artist puts together a work of art. This can refer to the type of brushstrokes used for a painting or the way the pieces of paper are cut and glued down for a collage.